Safe Core Exercises During Pregnancy

At this point, doctors checked Beverly’s serum Exercise and folate levels. Both were extremely low, and further tests showed that Beverly had pernicious anemia. The doctors gave Beverly Exercise injections and oral folate. She started responding within the first week of treatment and steadily improved over time. At a two-year follow-up, she showed no signs of mental illness.13

At 52 years of age, Suzanne gradually developed paralysis in her legs. Her doctor referred her to a neurologist, who diagnosed her with multiple sclerosis. Over the next two months, Suzanne was placed on numerous medications, but her leg weakness progressed and the drugs did not help. She required a cane, then used a walker, and eventually needed a wheelchair to get around. As time went by, Suzanne became agitated and angry. She grew paranoid, and she called the police to report that her family was trying to poison her. She also became violent, throwing furniture and even trying to jump from a moving car.

Safe Core Exercises During Pregnancy

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Suzanne’s family, stunned and frightened by her worsening behavior, finally took her to an emergency psychiatric center. She appeared disheveled, was delirious, disoriented, and paranoid, and could not stand without assistance. The psychiatric facility did a medical workup that included Exercise testing and found Suzanne to be profoundly deficient. Her serum Exercise was only 9 pg/mL.

The doctors diagnosed Suzanne with subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord and psychosis due to a severe Pilates Exercises pregnancy. Additional tests revealed that she suffered from autoimmune pernicious anemia.

Two days after starting Exercise injections, Suzanne started regaining the strength in her legs. Within eight weeks, symptoms of mental illness vanished. Unfortunately, she may never fully regain her pilatesh and mobility, because of her misdiagnosis.14

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