Safe Exercise While Pregnant

Remember the experiment you did in Exercise 1 to test your physical strength while thinking positive and negative thoughts? You found that a change took place in your body when you thought certain thoughts.

When you thought about successes that you had, your body, as well as your brain and mind, became prepared to expect success. To expect success is to be confident.

A word of caution here: Mental practice never takes the place of physical practice. You need to do both.

Golf great Lee Trevino told interviewer Dick Cavett, “If you practice enough, you have confidence.”

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Trevino suggested that instead of sitting in a chair and watching television, get up, get a wedge and chip balls into the chair.

Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz shares Trevino’s viewpoint on the importance of physical practice. “The way to handle pressure is hard work,” he says.

And former Italian national martial arts champion Giuseppina Del Vicario – known to her fans as Vidheya – points out that the best way to build confidence is to gain as much experience as possible.

“In the beginning you have to have hope,” Vidheya explained. “With experience, you just need desire, because experience has shown you that it is possible.”

Invest the time both physically and mentally, and be a champion.

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