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Rosamund Pike

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SAG Awards 2015 Hair & Beauty 2015 ZODIAC
There are those who put all this down to writer’s battiness, who think that somewhere I am just bohemian and gullible, looking for connections where there are none, being fleeced by snake-oil merchants and New Age flotsam. My answer is simply that, while I do not know how astrology works, I know that it does work, if by “work” we mean that it provides useful insights not available by other means. I do not understand the nature of psychic power, but I have been impressed by Henri’s guidance, and while I do not ask her to make decisions for me, I recognise that she can reach beyond the facts as we know them to give me an alternative view. For instance, she once warned me not to buy a house I really wanted. Reluctantly I took her advice, and still regretted it a year later – until I saw it was for sale again. I found out that immediately after the first sale, the farmer next door had put in a planning application for six houses in the next field. He got it, and the house I had loved was blighted forever.

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