Sally Pearson Style

Did you realise what you were taking on with the pavilions, I ask Peyton Jones? She laughs. It was never like that, she says. The first one, built by Zaha Hadid, was only going to be up for three days. Three days? All that work, all that Hadid, for only three days? We used to do special exhibitions for three days for the gala dinners, because there were people who came to them who didn't necessarily come to the Gallery at any other time, Peyton Jones explains as if she were talking about mounting a little revue.

Sally Pearson Style

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It's a moment to really put on our best dress, so to speak, she adds. It's just that into celebrate the Serpentine's thirtieth anniversary, instead of mounting a special exhibition, Peyton Jones commissioned a special pavilion by Zaha Hadid, no less. In the event, three days turned into three months.



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