Sandals Wedding Moons Pre-Designed Themes

Once upon a time, weddings abroad were all about the destination and ofen lacked those all-important personal, romantic touches that we all love and cherish about homegrown UK weddings. But Sandals have made completely sure that none of these essential touches are sacrifced; you can have a bespoke, personal wedding in a glorious Caribbean setting.

Sandals Wedding Moons Pre-Designed Themes Photo Gallery

With your personal Sandals wedding planner they will make sure that any-thing is possible, it’s all about creating your vision together; afer all, it’s your wedding and your style.

Tey even have a funky new Wedding Designer tool you can use online to start customising your perfect day, with a myriad of colour palettes, fabulous foral arrangements, classic cakes and everything in-between.

Worried that you wont be able to have your ideal gourmet theme in the Caribbean? Or concerned that you can’t put your individual stamp on your cake? You needn’t be as an abundance of culinary options are readily available, from fancy French dishes to a simple three-course package, or even extravagant hors d’oeurves to go with a fun and unique Martini bar.

And when it comes to cakes, you can be as indi-vidual as you like – perhaps a jazzy cupcake moun-tain? Or a traditional fruit cake with a Caribbean twist? Te choice really is all yours.

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