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In Praise of Medical Men
One last thing I’d like to say before you set off to get gorgeous: that is that I do believe in doctors, although you might not think so from the way I’ve ticked off some of them. I don’t believe in embarking on any program that might affect your health without first checking with a good physician. And I mean a good physician, for there are plenty of bad ones about, too. In a profession as vast as medicine, there’d have to be.
You will notice that throughout this beauty blog I have suggested that you keep a firm check on your general health through your general physician. I think it’s a must and I think it should be done relatively often. I think, considering how little everyone knows including the medical profession about blood chemistry, that a test called a blood profile should be done on everyone as a matter of course. It would help tell whether some obscure organ (such as my pancreas) is not working just as it should be. And it could save a lot of agony later.
My only beef with some physicians is that they tend to scoff at what they don’t understand. They can’t understand everything since the world is always on its way to newer scientific discoveries. Otherwise, we’d still be seeing that world as flat. I wish their minds were more open and that, if they really don’t understand, they would find out.
But there’s where money rears its head. Research money. Very few philanthropists, it seems, wish to give money for beauty research, even though it might mean a psychological salvation for someone. They prefer more severe-sounding causes such as research for cancer, or other deadly diseases. Those are certainly causes well undertaken,
one cannot argue that. But I believe, and I believe completely, that one dav preventive medicine will be upon us, and perhaps deadly diseases won’t even exist.
Until that day arrives, I hope the doctors will keep their minds open to fresh ideas, and I hope that you will always and forever keep in close touch with your own doctor.

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