Satin Care Shaving Gel

New Gillette Satin Care® Shave Gel. It Moisturizes For A Difference You Can Feel.

You’ve never experienced anything like Satin Care shave gel. Soap and water or even soap-based foam or gel, can dry your skin. Satin Care is beautifully different.

It’s the first non-soap shave gel. It has seven moisturizers and skin conditioners. So it not only helps give you a better shave than anything else. It leaves your skin in better condition. Soft and smooth. You’ll feel the difference with your very first shave.

Satin Care comes in two formulas.

Extra Moisturizing for Dry Skin and Gentle Formula with Real Aloe Vera for Sensitive Skin. And each comes in an exclusive rust-resistant can.

It’s from Gillette the people who revolutionized women’s shaving with the Sensor For Women razor.

Experience a Satin Care shave. And prove it yourself. Nothing compares to the feeling of satin.


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