Say Yes To The Red Wedding Dress

Some two hours later we were being welcomed by hordes of funzionari and esecutivi, not to mention giornalisti, paparazzi, and the inescapable TV, all of them in imminent danger of drowning. Smile, girls, Vic Tema pleaded as we took our positions on the ramp at Leonardo da Vinci International Airport, but it’s a little difficult to smile with the rain coming down upon your head in buckets. One never thinks of rain as something that falls on Rome. Red hot lava from Vesuvius, yes (or was that Pompeii?), but rain, no. Rome is eternally fair, Rome is eternally sunny. But, obviously, some rain must fall once in a while if only to water the pines. Rain or no rain, though, your soul becomes several pounds lighter the moment you set foot in Italy; you feel glorious.

Say Yes To The Red Wedding Dress For 2015

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