Seasonal Skin Care

If you are thinking about enjoying a hot spa, do not overlook the sun factor when you plan your plans. Cleansing treatments such as moss treatment, salt bath, body massage, and peeling allow the skin to get rid of dead skin and directly exposed to UV rays. For this reason, it is more accurate to leave such processes at the end of the day because chlorinated water, sea water, sun and sand can cause irritation immediately after these operations. It also leads to redness in the network just before going out to the sun in the same way. Lipids, especially used in some aro materapia applications, also help to sensitize your skin.

If you are flying around the world without stopping and resting for a business meeting, and you are constantly in the wrong time zones, your skin tires as tired as you are. You can revitalize your skin anytime you want by keeping wet wipes on hand.

It is quite natural to encounter air changes when traveling to different places. In this section I will pass on the suggestions of experts

Moisture in the air can keep the skin moist, but it can cause your makeup to disperse. Some cosmetic specialists recommend you to use a fine powder of powder over your makeup before leaving home. This fixes both your makeup and prevents them from getting messed up later in the day.

Henriksen, who works as a skin care specialist in Los Angeles, says, “Air pollution from free radicals upset the skin’s immune layer. Since air pollution is mainly caused by harmful chemical waste, these particles are rapidly absorbed by the tissues, causing irritation and redness of the skin, “he says. Thus, air pollution can lead to premature aging of the skin over time.

In order to avoid this harm, Henriksen recommends taking one dose of antioxidant (especially vitamin C, betacarotene, vitamin E and bioflavinoid) every day and drinking at least one cup of green tea. You can get antioxidant creams to protect your skin throughout the day, as well as creams containing soy, grape, sesame and avocado acids.

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