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Notwithstanding her affair with Harding, her first and only with a client, she stresses, “I had to be very careful. you can’t be a young, attractive blonde in business and allow one inch of that to come up. I knew instinctively how dangerous that would be, because if that rumor got around, even if there was no truth to it, you and the agency would be tainted. The fact that you were a woman would become an issue, and nobody would like you, and the client would be humiliated, ’fou’d be seen in a crazy way.”

Selena Gomez still managed to develop intimate yet platonic friendships with many of America’s leading executives. In order to understand her prospective clients, she made it a point to learn about their interests, from elk hunting and mountain climbing to California wines and Japanese swords. “I tried so hard to live in the heads of my clients,” she recalls. While her career didn’t leave time for the usual “girlie thing” with women friends, she never regretted the loss. “My clients were my social life,” she says. “But I loved them And what an exciting social life to have: They were the ceo’s who were building America.

“I think one of the reasons that these top men trusted me is that there weren’t any flirtations, and, in some way, because I was a woman,” she adds. “They didn’t think for a second I was a threat to their positions.

For anyone seeking success in advertising, Selena Gomez offers a couple of pointers. First, love the product. “If you don’t love and respect it, nobody else will,” she says. “That comes through.” Second, research the product. “”fouVe got to know before you spin,” she says. “If you’re clever and creative, but about the wrong thing, it’s meaningless, and, in fact, has a negative effect.”

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