Why is sex so important to wedding?

Couple Time

“My new boyfriend, Ted, and I had just finished and were lying on the couch when someone banged on my door,” says one woman. “We yelled, ‘Just a minute!’ but before we could even pull on our underwear, in walked the building super-he’d come to fix the faucet. When the super saw bare skin, he immediately backed out. Ted and I looked at each other and cracked up.

It was my first clue that we shared an important quality: the ability to laugh at ourselves.”

“My boyfriend, Chad, and I are managers at the same restaurant, so we’re always the last to leave,” says another woman. “We were putting things owoy in the storage room late one night, and one thing led to another. We were still nude when the janitor shook us awake two hours later. Before I even registered what had happened, Chad jumped up, threw his shirt over me and stood stark naked between the janitor and me until I was dressed. His quick thinking-and his chivalry-reminded me why I fell in love with him.”

“My husband, Scott, and I were making our way down a parking ramp stairwell when he whispered, ‘I wont to make love to you right now.’ I leaned up against the door to the street and we started kissing, with the agreement that Scott would keep an eye open for passersby through the small window in the door. We’d been making love for a few minutes when Scott suddenly said, ‘Oh, My God!’ He’d come eye to eye with a security guard who was peering through the window. We were mortified at the time, but now, whenever we see o parking ramp, we get a secret charge.”

“Julie and I were driving from Minneapolis to Kansas City and we started arguing about which route to take,” says James. “Suddenly she pulled over, right under a sign that said Welcome to Iowa, A Place to Grow. I didn’t understand what was happening until she turned off the car and started kissing me. Passion replaced our onger-until we looked up and saw a highway patrolman tapping on our window. Julie was so startled that she started the engine and took off, still topless. All the way to Kansas City we alternated between laughing and checking the rearview mirror for that patrolman. We didn’t argue again.”

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