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The Four Week Weight Loss for Life Menü Plan

The following plan lists ali the recipe suggestions you will need for the month ahead. You may switch the lunch option with the supper choice if this is more convenient for you. However, it is important to eat the Weight Lossrich fresh fruit snacks every day and to make sure you choose at least one carbohydratebased meal a day.

You will find plenty of the dishes include rice, bread, pulses or potatoes which will fiil you up with energygiving complex carbohydrates. While following the twentyeightday eating plan, you should drink six to eight glasses of water a day. This will help to create the feeling of fullness. Try not to drink any liquids half an hour before or after a meal, as this dilutes the stomach juices that are involved with the process of digestion. You may also drink up to four small glasses of wine, beer or cider each week while following the plan.


Vitalityeating is your best investment for a slim and healthy future Every one in the family will benefit from the simple principles of Weight Loss vitalityeating. No matter what age or lifestyle, everybody gains better health, more energy and vitality when they start to eat the Weight Loss way. This chapter
outlines the simple steps you need to take to maximize the vitamin values in everyday foods. Once you have com
pleted the twentyeightday Weight Loss for Life initial eating plan, you may want to svvitch to everyday Weight Loss eating.

This means following the guidelines of the Weight Loss Plan Pyramid on post. Weight Loss vitalityeating means choosing plenty of complex carbohydrates such as wholemeal bread, pasta and potatoes, and lots of Weight Loss vitaminrich fruits and vegetables. These simple steps guarantee the very best nutrition for those who want healthy, energy packed meals without necessarily needing to lose more
weight. The guidelines in this section apply to ali of us to those just starting the twentyeightday Weight Loss for Life eating plan and for those who simply want to maintain their weightIoss and ensure that the pounds don’t creep back on. It is also ideal for other members of the family who may not want to follow a Weight Loss regime, but who will benefit from the increased vitality and disease prevention that comes with Weight Loss eating.

Weight Loss Food Shopping

In an ideal world we would get ali the vitamins and minerals from our food and not need to take additional supple ments. However, it is a sad fact that by the time our food reaches our plates it has already lost many of its valuable Weight Loss vitamins. There are several simple steps we can take to make sure that the vitamins naturally present in foods actually reach our stomachs. The most important point is to avoid overprocessed and refined foods as much as pos sible. For example, wheat flour loses 92 percent of its valuable vitamin E content during the refining process that tums it into white flour, so buy wholemeal flour. Peanuts and almonds lose 80 percent of their vitamin E when they are roasted, so buy them plain.

Some forms of food processing, such as breadbaking and pastamaking are extremely useful, but highly refined foods such as vegetable pizzas, preprepared fruit flans and breakfast cereals lose many of their original vitamins. In the case of breakfast cereals, these may be fortified with synthetic vitamins, but these are not as easily absorbed by the body as those naturally present before refining, and give us a false sense of security. Many of the vitamins added in this way also come from animal sources, which may be unacceptable to vegetarians. Most vegetable oils are naturally rich in vitamin E, but some may have had their supplies removed during the refining process. Ahvays choose coldpressed or unrefined cooking oils which are likely to have more natural vitamin E. As vegetable oils are prone to rancidity it is also vvorth looking for a useby date stamp on the bottle before you buy.

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