Shape up your skin

Now is the time to shape up your skin. You exercise and eat right, but to really be fit you need the kind of sleek, lean look you get from Fit & Firm.

Unlike ordinary cellulite products, this multiaction body treatment not only reduces the spongy appearance of cellulite, it firms, moisturizes and nourishes all of your skin all at once.

A vitamin-enriched, non-greasy gel, it leaves your skin looking toned, tightened and glowing with health.

At finer pharmacies, salons and fitness centers. For one near you or credit card orders, call 1-800-842-1740. Or, send $10.50 for a 4 oz. tube; $18 for an 8 oz. pump to: Passepartout, Inc., Box 175, Dept. G13, Glenville, CT 06831.

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