Shaquille O’Neal Style Fashion & Looks

The father cautioned her that the woman is not her mom and that he does not know whether they will be together permanently. In talking with his daughter he is keeping an open dialogue and also protecting his daughter appropriately. The child must also be given the clear message that she is not expected to have as close a relationship with the new family as to the original family. Children should be able to choose the level of closeness in the family but should not be allowed to be destructive or hurtful to the stepparent. This emotional bonding, stemming from the new parent’s daily nurturance and understanding, earns the parent the right to intervene in a more in depth fashion. From the beginning, Sue (in our family story) was expecting the attachment level to be unrealistically high and, in fact, equal with that of the biological mother. No doubt this was based on her own need for a sense of belonging.

Shaquille O’Neal Style Fashion & Looks 2015
Shaquille O’Neal Info Chart

Style Name Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal
Style Birth; March 6, 1972
Style From; Newark, New Jersey
Style Occupations; Basketball Player, TV Personality
Style Relationship; Dating Nikki “Hoopz” Alexander
A-List; B-List

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Shaquille O’Neal Style Fashion & Looks

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