It’s grown-up casual. Stylish casual, if that’s a real thing. Megan the beauty queen was expected to look regal 9 9% of the time, but the dust has settled, and Megan, lately, has been more associated with Marimar, the innocent

but well-meaning heroine who eventually seeks revenge on those who abused her, a role she inherited from Thalia and Marian Rivera.

Marimar is so laidback. She’s a beach girl, an island girl. She doesn’t care much for her looks. Anything goes, enumerates Megan, who could easily be describing herself. Nowadays, how people see me on TV is pretty much what they see in person. No makeup, glasses, basics.

Megan goes on to talk about Marimar’s rather unglamorous beginnings digging through dirt (it was really chocolate) with her face and braving ravenous ants that consequently had a buffet. I was crying like crazy, not only because it was required emotionally, but also because a bunch of ants was eating my legs alive. I kid you not. That’s why I have all these sugat on my legs baon from Marimar. She laughs it off, of course. She is, after all, the type of girl who takes things lightly.

Classics, Megan says of her wardrobe. I don’t want to say normcore’ because not all of my clothes are like that. Megan opts for pieces she knows will withstand fashion seasons. She shrugs at trends and leans towards blacks, whites, grays, and earth tones. My friends tell me I need more color in my wardrobe! It’s a pretty muted setup calling to mind movies like Pretty Woman, What A Girl Wants, and Princess Diaries that encouraged a neutral, subdued kind of elegance but Megan plays it up with bright neon hues or floral prints. It would always be one tiny piece. It could be in my sneakers, my backpack, my shirt. That’s it. 


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