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EVEN OUT SKIN TONE Sun damage or hormonal birth control can cause visible blood vessels and up your chances of brown splotches (a.k.a. melasma) on the forehead, cheeks, and mustache line. Even if you’re not on the Pill now, once you’ve taken the hormones, you’re prone to pigmentation for years after stopping it, says Dr. Wexler. To the rescue: L’Oreal’s serum (below), Very short bob haircuts packed with niacinamide, a proven skin brightener.


Notice something diferenf about your skin? It’s not your imagination. It’s your 20s. The changes can be subtle, but go back five years on your Facebook timeline and you’ll see when the blahs began. Here’s how to get your brilliance back.


Translucency is likely your biggest issue, says Lieve Declercq, MD, Vice President, Basic Science Research, for Origins. Her research points to carbonylation (a process that can begin in your early 20s), which stiffens skin proteins, clouding up the surface, Very short bob haircuts as the issue. The brand’s new serum (left), made with exfoliating Canadian willow herb, sloughs these carbonyl proteins and prevents new ones from forming.


You see visible effects of UV damage 20 years after it occurs, says derma Patricia Wexler, MD. So that burn from age 7 may show up at age 27 likely in the form of large pores (the sun zaps elasticity, which props up pore walls). Daily salicylic acid (in the gel above) will prevent clogs and whiteheads.


When it comes to your face, losing that baby fat may not be such a good thing. What’s really disappearing: collagen and elastin, causing a loss of volume and slight drooping. According to derma Carlos Charles,

MD, retinol used at night can stimulate new production (try La Roche-Posay Effaclar K Daily Renewal Fluid, P1,445). Clinique’s Turnaround Revitalizing Serum (above) also fights slack skin with mulberry extract. Most important, protect your assets. Very short bob haircuts Daily UV exposure causes collagen loss over time, says Dr. Charles. Simply wearing SPF every day can save face.

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