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One of those tracks, the deeply emotional This Angel, Short curly hairstyles has been recorded for television broadcast during ‘CMA Country Christmas 2014′ with Jennifer’s vocals backed by Reid on keys.

He has composed music for modern dance and for a one-act opera, Short curly hairstyles Different Fields’, with librettist Sarah Schlesinger. He has written for musical theatre, including the award-winning The Ballad of Little Jo and more recently, Casanova Returns, a work based on the life of Casanova and slated for European production.

Mike continues to write daily, rising early to spend morning hours in the small studio that sits across the driveway from his home. Short curly hairstyles There he writes new music as well as volumes of poetry and prose. Says Reid: “I love what I’m writing now more than anything I’ve ever written. You can’t confuse commercial writing with what it means to live a writing life. The truth of a writing life is that you have to make an agreement with yourself to show up.” And he does, producing work that can be introspective or imagined, but that is always sincere.

He tells the story of a chance meeting some years ago between music manager Rob Galbraith and national Songwriters Hall of Fame nominee Bob McDill. Short curly hairstyles Compliments were exchanged. McDill admired Reid’s song Prisoner Of The Highway. Rob insisted that McDill had set the bar for all songwriters with his song Cood Ole Boys Like Me. Replied McDill wistfullyYeah, I wrote that song before I knew what I was doing.” That response, explains Mike, says something about “the fine line between knowing what you’re doing skill-wise, and also tapping into that place where the good human stuff is the difference between artifice and sincerity, I think

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