Short hairstyles for thick hair

When you want your defined curls to have sheen, apply a diluted essential oil like olive oil on each piece before you two-strand twist or put on the rod roller. #5 To trim your damaged ends comb hair out and part it in four even sections. Pin three of the sections down then comb the first section out until you get the comb to the very tip. Then snip the bushy ends off. Another way is to put four sections in a ponytail then two-strand twist the hair that’s left out and snip the bushy ends. #6 If you get your hair colored try not to wash it for at least two days to help keep the color bright. Another way to keep it bright is to use a color friendly shampoo that won’t strip moisture or your fresh new color. #7 If you want to try color but don’t want to risk damaging your hair buy clip-in colored extensions or have your stylist make some for you.

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