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“It’s been really wonderful – you know Big Machine was a big step for me, it was still with the Universal family, Short hairstyles for women but I’d been an MCA recording artist for my entire career, so it was hard for me to be anywhere else. The big step to Sony RCA was really a desire on my part and on Garth’s part to be on the same label so that it would be easier for us to make duet records, which we’d been talking about doing for ten years. It’s been wonderful. I just love that they’re a small family … they’re amazing to work with. I know that me being a woman, now it’s really tough for women on the radio. I’ve just turned 50 and that’s another strike against me to get on the radio, which is unfortunate, but true, but we all know the challenge – with this team we seem to fight another day, and we go after it. Their belief in me and my music is flattering and I really feel that we re all in the same team and we re all fighting for the same thing.”

For Trisha to speak openly about how turning 50 has affected her chances in the industry in America shocked me.

I knew radio was hard, for the UK there are so few outlets for this music, Short hairstyles for women anyone is grateful for the support they can get, but in the US it seems mad to think that someone will be excluded from radio play because of their age or sex. Does it not drive you crazy to think that they’re not judging your music, they’re simply judging you as a person and deciding that you’re not deserving of radio play because of your age?

“Yeah it’s absolutely maddening. Short hairstyles for women I guess it’s the nature of things, but you make the music and you love the music and you choose good songs. My thing is if it’s not a hit at radio let it be because the people heard it and went not our thing'; don’t let it be because it’s not a hit because people never got to hear it, because someone said we don’t play very many women and no one over 35. Let the people decide. I’m okay with fans saying this is not your best work, but I’m not okay with them never getting the chance to decide because they never got to hear it… Seven years ago when I made my last album women were tearing it up pretty good at radio so I’m not really sure what happened. But really I was just at the CMA Awards and there really was Miranda and Carrie and they were the two … who get played consistently on the radio. Kacey Musgraves won an award but we re not hearing her here on the radio in America so I don’t know what the answer is, but I’m trying, I’m fighting hard. I am the Prizefighter!”

Before I knew it time had ticked away and so as I drew the conversation to a close and one of my most enjoyable interviews to date with someone I truly admire, Trisha asked that I add this message for the UK fans from both Garth Brooks and herself…

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