Short Layered Haircuts For Long Hair 

Tools of hair mass destruction

Our blow driers, curling irons, crimpers, thermal brushes and flat irons are wonderful heat styling tools if used sparingly. But when used every day with a combination of questionable hair practises, they can dry out hair and cause a lot of damage.

The effects of heat styling are always temporary; therefore the norm is to use them frequently. It is the frequency of use with these styling tools that breaks down your hair’s resilience making it more susceptible to damage.

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The Facts: The water in your hair is what makes it flexible. The heat from these appliances damage your hair by reducing its water content, sofening the keratin and creating a loss of cuticle.19 If they are used too hot, over 180 degrees Celsius, they can actually cause the water in your hair to boil and form tiny bubbles of steam inside the softened hair shaft and weaken it.19 This is evidenced by little white dots seen midway up the hair shaft, that eventually cause longer pieces of the hair to snap off.

Too much blow drying can cause the cuticles to open so far that even the best conditioners will fail to close them properly again. If the cuticles protective layers are damaged too often, your hair loses its strength and integrity and breakage will occur.

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