Short men haircut

Nicki’s beauty presentation is perfection. During an interview with Elle she shares a few beauty tips and tricks, I contour by using a lighter shade of foundation under my eyes instead of concealer. I take it down in a triangle by the sides of my nose, and then apply blush on top. And to keep her skin beautiful Nicki says, I take my makeup off immediately. If I don’t, I’ll wake up and be like, Oh no!’ because I’ll have breakouts. On our pages, Nicki goes for pure elegance, with a chic updo that allows her stunning features to take center stage! To achieve Nicki’s stunning updo, shampoo and condition the hair thoroughly with moisturizing products. Short men haircut Blow-dry the hair and then silken it with a ceramic tourmaline flat iron. Apply a little bit of edge control gel on the edges and brush the hair up into a neat ponytail, securing with a satin covered hair band. Pin the loose hair down with holding pins to secure the look. For extra shine, mist on a light layer of oil sheen. Style Essentials Keep our editors’ product picks on hand to achieve Nicki’s stellar style!

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