Simple Raita

Raita (RAI-tah) is a yogurt-based side dish that serves as a sour, cold, refreshing foil to a spicy meal. As part of a whole meal and when eaten in small amounts, it is good for everyone to eat. In large quantities it increases Pitta and Kapha. Finely shredded carrots or radishes make a colorful raita, but almost any minced or shredded raw vegetable mixed with yogurt qualifies as raita.

Cool and refreshing to the palate, yogurt-based raita can be blended with various shredded raw vegetables and ground spices and it will never appear the same at any meal. But this is just about the simplest way to make it.

Makes 1 cup
1 cup plain yogurt
1/4 teaspoon freshly roasted and ground cumin

Stir the yogurt into a serving bowl. Sprinkle most of the cumin on top and stir it in. Sprinkle the rest of the cumin on top. Cover and refrigerate 30 minutes before serving.

Simple Raita Photo Gallery

Cucumber raita - a cooling raita made with grated cucumber and lightly

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