Single and loving it

In-your-face, candid depiction of the sometimes thrilling life outside coupledom: “Your Single Life… 6 Ways to Enjoy the Adventure” [April], While my coworkers talk of baby strollers, I sit quietly thinking of the unbelievable sex I had the night before.

I do look forward to living with a man I love, but until then I embrace my single life; nights alone with Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Raspberry Swirl, butterflies in my stomach in anticipation of a blind date, and traipsing home at 6 A.M. to find my roommates eager to hear the play-by-play. Yes, it is an adventure! Amy Bertsch Chicago, Illinois

I’m 22, single, self-supporting, and I loved your article. Some of my friends ask if I ever get lonely, and yes, I do. But when I think of what it would be like to share all my time with a significant other, I realize I’m not ready. My advice: Know yourself before you settle down.

Dena A. Johnston Bradford, Pennsylvania

As a male fan of Glamour, I just want to know one thing where can I find such free-spirited women as those in Lesley Dormen’s article? I’ve become frustrated because every woman I date seems to be looking for a commitment. (I just broke up with someone and can’t deal with a new serious relationship.) I’m relieved to know, however, that there are some women out there and you found them who enjoy being single. Tim McCue


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