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Skin Foods

Here is a list of the foods that contain the good things I’ve just listed for you as “good for your skin.” Use the list as a starting point, and then check my chart for the exact amount of the vitamin or mineral in question. That way you’ll know for sure what you’re eating and you’ll be even more sure as to how much you ought to be “supplementing.”

Remember that food-vitamins are probably more potent than the synthetic sort, but the synthetic sort are essential to make up for the number of vitamin units you could not possibly obtain by food alone. With the list, and my chart, you should be well on your way to skin-beauty.

When you come to the foods that are high in the B vitamins, remember that those foods are good for your skin AND good for your hair, so we’ve mini-charted them only once just to save you any extra chart reading. Just remember, and remember well: B vitamins are good for virtually all of you!


Cheeses (except uncreamed Baked custard

cottage cheese) Eggs

Cheese fondue Whole milk (dry and fluid)

Cheese souffle Yogurt

Light cream Butter

Whipping cream Margarine

Sour cream Carp

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