Skin Self-Destruction

Skin Self-Destruction

There are plenty of ways we work at destroying our skins. Probably without even realizing it, for I can’t imagine that anyone would want bad skin. The lives we lead, however, contribute a lot to the breakdown of a perfect skin performance.

Pills, for example, on which America spends $8,000,000,000 per year. That’s eight billion, you’re right! And the Pill is apparently one of the very worst skin-offenders. The manager of the i Cosmetics shop in New York told me that she’d seen more really good skins ruined by the birth control pill than by any other single element. I wouldn’t know, as I can’t take the thing, and I don’t want to.

For I agree that the birth control pill is an unnatural disturbance of the body’s hormonal system, and I don’t like to fool around with anything quite that unnatural. If it’s your thing, then it’s your affair, of course. But I do believe you ought to be warned that less than beautiful skin may be the birth control pill’s result. As for tranquilizers they can cause real dryness and, what is more dangerous, an intolerance to the sun. Years ago, it happened to me and it was a pretty horrifying experience real sun poisoning after only a few hours in a Florida sun. It’s a relatively standard reaction if you mix sun and tranquilizers.

As a general rule, any of those $8,000,000,000 worth of pills unless they’re vitamins are not going to do your skin any good and can do it a great deal of harm. Give it some thought, the next time you’re about to pop an unnecessary aspirin.


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