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Introducing revolutionary new snacks.

Individual results may vary. Based on the Slim-Fast Plan (a calorie-reduced diet, regular exercise, and plenty of f luids). Check with your doctor if nursing, pregnant, under 18, following a doctor prescribed diet. © 2015 SlimFast.

New sweet and savory, 100-calorie snacks are packed with protein and fiber! It’s never been easier to lose weight fast and keep it off, with the clinically proven SlimFast Plan.*

At the cinema, iom cruise is still a big draw. But for years, the 53-year-old actor’s love life has been anything but a blockbuster; ever since the summer of 2012, when he was dumped, seemingly out of nowhere, by thirdwife Katie Holmes, he’s been lonely, a source says: Tom’s not used to being single, and he hates it. 

Adding insult to injury is the fact that his breakup with Katie, 36, has been dragged back into the spotlight, thanks to a new memoir by his onetime friend Leah Remini. The 45-year-old former King of Queens star mentions Tom multiple times over the course of her best-selling book, and he doesn’t come out looking very good; even anecdotes that have nothing to do with his ill-fated marriage such as an incident in which he excoriated an assistant over a tube of cookie dough make him look a little cuckoo.

Knowing Tom, he feels very isolated, the source explains. He’s shocked that Leah spilled the beans like that, and he’d do almost anything to get his credibility back. 

Crazy couch-jumping aside, Tom was smitten with Katie and blindsided when she left him. “He thought he’d have no problem finding another relationship, the source says, “but it hasn’t happened, and he’s stressed. 

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