Slim Thug 2015


Since his debut freestyle on Swisha House’s screwed up mix CD Swisha 98 six years I ago, 6 foot 6 Houston bad f boy Slim Thug has been keeping heads ringing across the Gulf Coast. His deep baritone, dynamic delivery and never ending hustle had Slim wrecking shop alongside fellow Swisha House slab riders Lil’ Flip, Paul Wall and Chamillionaire before venturing off on his own two years ago. But instead of releasing his own regionally distributed solo album, Slim opted to bleed the underground. Through his own Boss Hogg Outlaws label, Thugger dropped dozens of mix CDs on which he boasted his microphone dexterity and introduced his crew to the game. Now reaping the benefits of block burning and keeping major label A&Rs at bay, Slim recently inked a deal with Neptunes’ Star Trak imprint. Proving his status before his solo debut even hits the stores, it’s clear why he’s named his upcoming album Already Platinum.

The Source: How did you first start freestyling on DJ Michael Watts’ Swisha House screwed up mix CDs?

Slim Thug: He was DJing parties at a little high school spot called Club All Stars. I used to go up there and freestyle and kick it with him. He did mixtapes, but he wasn’t deep in it. He wanted me to get on a tape. He didn’t have a lot of freestylers on them, just every now and then. So, me, J Dogg and Lil’ Mario went over there and the shit just took off from then.

But you left the House to start your own company Boss Hogg Outlaws about two years ago. Are you still down with Watts?

When I left the Swisha House, I left on a good note. I didn’t just bum off. I let Watts know what was going on, like, “My whole dream is bigger than me just being a rapper.” I’m a hustler; I’ma get as much money as I can get. With me being over there, he probably wouldn’t have made as much money as he did, ’cause I woulda been grinding a lot. It was his stuff. And I needed my own stuff.

Slim Thug 2015

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