Sofía Vergara Diet Tips

Now that you’ve thoroughly ingested and digested ali the commandments and the rules, you are ready to begin. I emphasize, they were not made to be broken. Following them is vital to your success. They represent the things neither I nor my clients could get away with and stili lose weight.

And believe me we tried. Down the line you’11 be able to stretch some of the rules. ril let you know where and when. I told you, you only had to give up two things forever and I meant it.

There will be a time and a place for everything else. I promise!

Most iniportant, weigh yourself every day, beginning with Day 1. If you don’t, my diet will not work for you. The people who do not succeed on my diet are those who either refııse to weigh themselves or insist on slipping in their artifıcial sweeteners or diet soft drinks. Don’t let such foolishness spoil it for you.

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