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Transitioning: When You’re Thinking about Making the Switch It’s usually an awful feeling when you realize you are in a relationship with a friend where your needs are not being met, or they were at one point but they aren’t anymore. This is the same thing that happens when you are working with the wrong person in yoga poses or you have simply outgrown him or her. If it is a person you have grown close to or come to depend on, moving on is an even more difficult reality to swallow. As much as you might like to make a change, you find yourself unable to take action. Or you’re able to fire your therapist, but you’re unable to start a new relationship with a coach or other helper it feels like a betrayal, and you hold back. This is a similar situation to other relationships you may have outgrown whether significant other, friend, mentor, or boss; many of us find comfort with the familiar or grow dependent on those we care for, so we often have trouble cutting the cord or starting a fresh professional relationship.

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Transitioning from therapist to coach takes a bit of reflection. You need to be honest with yourself about your attitudes toward both therapists and Yogis. While this makes sense in the abstract, it’s sometimes tough to do in the real world. Your biases conscious as well as unconscious can make the transition difficult. As a result, you may end up betwixt and between, unable to continue with yoga poses but unwilling to move on to yoga.

For this reason, I’d like you to examine the following statements that reflect bias and see which ones apply to you:

Problems can be solved and obstacles overcome only if you spend the time necessary to delve into the underlying feelings.

As much as I respect Yogis, I don’t believe they have the training or the skills necessary to help people the way therapists can.

I can’t help but think about sports Yogis when I think about seeing a coach; I just assume they provide a lot of rah-rah encouragement and not much else.

The issues I have are too huge for any coach to deal with effectively.

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