Although it is disturbingto knowthat skin cancer is nowthe most common form of cancer in the IIK, the good news is that there’s a speedy way of keeplngan expert check on your moles. The Mole Clinic, located above Liberty, offers a fast t rack mole sereening service in 45 minutes. The procedure involves a visual check by an expert of any or ali of your moles, then any abnormal lookingones are subjected to eloser analysis usingthe clinic’s Expert System (one of only two in the UKthe NHS has the other one in Dorset).

It works to score each mole against 47 parameters based on symmetry, ou t Line, colour and diameter, derived from theworld’s largest database of moles. Once a mole is confirmed as suspicious, customers caı be referred to their GP or a skin cancer specialist, as well as to support agencies. Screenings cost from £95. 020 7297 2075;



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