Spring Nail Colours 2015

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Spring Nail Colours 2015 Your Astrology
At least, that’s what I found when I began to study it. A series of twists and turns led me to Henri Llewelyn Davies. When I met her she was astrologer to the TV Times, and I was looking for someone to teach me how to draw up a birth chart for a novel I was planning to write. I was anxious not to end up with some flannelling old mystic called Doris, calling me “dear” and chatting about past lives, and I didn’t want a New Age Shakti making me sit cross-legged while she tuned in to my chakras.
Henri is Oxford-educated and comes from a posh family with no history of astral visits. It’s true that her father was in The Guinness Book of Records as Britain’s most married man, and her grandfather was the inspiration for one of JM Barrie’s Lost Boys from Peter Pan, but despite the romantic background she is utterly practical – and entertaining – about her work. “I realised I was psychic when I always knew what time the bus would turn up,” she says. “That was useful at our remote family house in Cornwall, but I decided I had better channel my gift through a particular discipline, so I chose astrology.”

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