Star Hair Trend: Pastel Hair Highlights or Rainbow Hair

see you there. The Lotus This is the last posture, except for the Blowing Pose. The Lotus is famous as a meditative pose, but it is also the right finishing touch for those of you who enjoy sitting quietly and evenly balanced in a relaxed state. Aren’t you relieved? All your problems and worries are behind you now. You have tackled all your demons, your doubts, and your fears.

Star Hair Trend: Pastel Hair Highlights or Rainbow Hair

Star Hair Trend: Pastel Hair Highlights or Rainbow Hair Photo Gallery

Emma Roberts Beverly Hills Style

Wichterle upgraded his homemade equipment, replacing the bicycle generator with parts from a record player, and exposing the lenses to ultraviolet rays filtered through a piece of glass taken from one of his bookshelves. Between January and April of 1962, Wichterle and his wife, Linda, a physician, made approximately fifty-five hundred contact lenses. As these lenses were tested and government officials learned of the project’s economic potential, Wichterle was invited to resume his research at the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry. In 1963, looking for a way to manufacture contact lenses on the same type of machinery used to made rigid lenses, Wichterle created and patented a xerogel, a plastic that could be formed into lenses while dry, then allowed to absorb water. In 1964, Wichterle traveled to the United States to promote the soft contact lens; as part of his presentation, he would take a soft lens from his own eye, drop it on the floor, step on it, put it in his mouth to clean it with saliva, and then replace it in his eye. In 1965, an American investment company, the National Patent Development Corporation (NPDC), partnered with Wichterle and were licensed to mass-produce soft lenses once the product and manufacturing process were perfected. In 1966, the NPDC licensed Bausch and Lomb to produce the lenses, and soft contacts were first offered to the American public in 1971.

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