Star Wars: Episode VII

The Force Awakens is the most highly anticipated movie in recent history (unless you’re a huge Rob Schneider fan, eagerly waiting the third instalment of the Deuce Bigalow franchise).

What with an overwhelming nostalgia for the original trilogy, and a little trepidation to see if this one avoids the pitfalls of the rubbish prequels, the Star Wars hype has been kicked into light speed.

Nearly three years after Star Trekrebooter and Lost creatorJJ Abrams agreedto take on the task of making the new Star Wars film, and more than ten years after the last film in the franchise, Revenge Of The Sith, the seventh instalment opens in cinemas this week, and combines old faves (here’s looking at you, Han and Chewie) with a gaggle of brand-new characters.

Ifyou haven’t been religiously watching Sky’s dedicated Star Wars channel, you might find it all a bit confusing, but fear not, we have all the info you need right here…

Wisecracking smuggler Han Solo got caught up in the star wars when he was hired by Obi-Wan and Luke to take them to Leia’s home in his spaceship, the Millennium Falcon. Then Leia fell for him big time. Now, he hangs out with Rey and Finn. Harrison says: “I was gratified when I saw the script. I thought there were some amazing ideas, and interesting things to do. 

Girls plays big baddie Kylo Ren in a scary cloak and mask, as befits a character who is obsessed with legendary Dark Side dude Darth Vader. Adam says: “Wearing a mask is quite a challenging thing. It was terrifying. There are so many layers to him, anyway, so it’s interesting to fi nd out who he is with the mask on [and] with the mask off. 

John Hoycga

Finn is a Stormtrooper who has a crisis of conscience about working for the evil Empire, despite having been taught to hate the veteran heroes of the Rebel Alliance (Luke, Leia and co). He’s described by Boyega as “the physical representation of the young generation when it comes to the Star Wars universe . John says: “I took Harrison Ford to a Nigerian restaurant in south-east London. He spoke to me about all the things he’d been through and all the things he’d seen over the years as an actor.

It was great to learn from him – he’s a cool man. instead of a princess, but still fighting the good rebellious fight. Carrie says: I wanted to use the iconic hair style that I had initially. If nothing else, I wanted little old Leia to walk by a window wearing that hairdo on the way to the bathtub. Just to show it once. But no. I guess they thought it d be too distracting.

Carrie Fisher

The kick-ass leader of the Rebel Alliance fought the fascist Empire and its ruthless leaders along with her twin brother Luke and other Jedi (the good guys). She’s now a general

Daisy Ridley

Rey was abandoned by her parents on the literally rubbish planet of Jakku, where she now scavenges alone but her life’s about to be changed forever, because she’s the main character in The Force Awakens.

No pressure, then. Daisy says: Rey begins in her own world. She goes on this crazy adventure and meets Finn and BB-8, and she finally starts to make these bonds she’s never had before. It’ll be epic. A commander of a squad of X-wing pilots (like the heroic dudes who attacked the Death Star at the end of the first film). Isaac also starred with fellow Force Awakens actor Domhnall Gleeson in ace sci-fi movie Ex Machina earlier “Poeaddsa specific colour to the film – one that’s energetic.


Han is held by fat Jabba, then freed by his love Leia, who’s Luke’s twin as revealed by dying Yoda b4 Vader tries 2 make Luke evil but dies.


32 years b4 ep 4, chosen one Anakin is saved from slavery by Obi-Wan & pal while helping Queen Padme fight dark lord. Jar Jar ruins film.

Despite not being clearly visible in any of the trailers or posters, the original hero and legendary Jedi knight is defi nitely in the new film – we just don’t know how and why.

Mark says: Nothing! He had to sign an agreement not to reveal anything about how Luke fits into the new film.H

No one has seen what he looks like yet, but he’s a CGI character “with a very distinctive facial structure , created by performance-capture expert Serkis (of Gollum fame) . He’s not too nice. Andy says: “He is vulnerable at the same time as being powerful .


Young Anakin and Padme fall in love. A lot. Obi-Wan finds Clone Army, gets captured & rescued by Anakin & Padme. They wed. No one care


Anakin is dissed by Jedi & gets furious. Becomes Darth Vader. Yoda & Obi-Wan survive Jedi massacre. Padme has twins (Leia & Luke) & dies.

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