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However, the recording industry has demonstrated an ability to transform itself when faced with radically changing circumstances, and it will probably do so again though the exact nature of the transformation remains to be seen. Barry Millington There’s a doomsday scenario regarding the recording industry that’s very popular in some quarters. Is the industry in decline, and, if so, is it terminal? Jean Hugues Allard I think the record industry is in a transition period. There was a trend that started in the Eighties, after the initial boom in CDs, for record companies to release everything in their back catalogues, so that they were able to re exploit even their less successful recordings. The reduction of CD prices is hurting the distributors their margins are being squeezed almost to nothing. Subsequently there has been an enormous concentration of distribution within the major chains, and they have been reducing their less commercial side, including core classical discs. So distribution actually has more to do with the decline of our business than artistic production.

Steve-O Style Fashion & Looks 2015
Steve-O Info Chart

Style Name Stephen Gilchrist Glover
Style Birth; June 13, 1974
Style From; Wimbledon, England
Style Occupations; Actor
Style Relationship; Single
A-List; B-List

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