Steven Spielberg Filmography

Unlike Woody Allen, you know, I wanted to become a member of the country club,” the director-mogul Steven Spielberg once said. Spielberg is now certainly a member of the club; arguably, he is the club. Like Orson Welles, he was a wunderkind; like Hitchcock, he’s been accused of shameless audience manipulation, and like Frank Capra, of gushing sentimentality; and like Walt Disney, he has built a multimedia empire. He might well be the most commercially successful director (and executive producer) of all time.Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial; more than movie titles, these are pop-cultural touchstones.

The latter part ofhis career has seen him tackling more mature themes, sometimes bumpily (as in The Color Purple) and othertimes to great critical acclaim and honors at the Oscars (Schindler’s List). A.I. Artificial Intelligence, which was conceived by Stanley Kubrick, blended clinical detachment with lost-child bathos, to a mixed reception. His latest, Minority Report, Spielberg has said, is a cynical but “gourmet popcorn movie.”

Spielberg’s influence is everywhere: in TV animation, video games, amusement park rides, and prime-time TV (ER, Band of Brothers). He’s often had a hand in others’ megahits (Men in Black), and ini994he became a partner in a new entertainment giant, DreamWorks SKG. AndyWebster.

1984 Indianajones andthe Temple of Doom

1985 Back to the Future (exec. prod, only)

1985 The Color Purple (also prod.)

1985 The Coonies (exec, prod., coscr. only) ig85YoungSherlock Holmes (exec. prod, only)

1986 An American Tail (exec. prod, only)

1986The Money Pit (exec. prod, only)

1981 Continental Divide (exec. prod, only)

1981 Raiders ofthe Lost Ark

1982 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (also prod.)

1982 Poltergeist (coscr., prod, only)

1983 Twilight Zone The Movie (prod.; dir.,

“Kick the Can” segment) 1984Gremlins (exec. prod, only)

As director, except where noted:

1974The Sugarland Express (alsocoscr.)

1975 Jaws

1977 Close Encounters ofthe Third Kind (also scr.)

19781 Wanna Hold Your Hand (exec. prod, only)

1980The Blues Brothers (act. only)

1980 Used Cars (exec. prod, only)

1987′”Batteries Not Included (exec. prod, only)

1987 Empire ofthe Sun (also prod.)

1987 Innerspace (exec. prod, only)

1988 The Land Before Time (exec. prod, only)

1988 Who Framed Roger Rabbit (exec. prod, only)

1989 Always (also prod.)

1989 Back to the Future Part II (exec. prod, only)

1989 Dad (exec. prod, only)

1989 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

i99oArachnophobia (exec, prod, only)

1990 Back to the Future Part III (exec. prod, only)

199° Gremlins 2: The

New Batch (exec. prod, only) 199°Joe Versus the Volcano (exec. prod, only)

199’ An American Tail: Fievel Goes West (prod, only)

1991 Hook

993 Jurassic Park 1993 Schindler’s List (also prod.)

1993 We’re Back: A Dinosaur’s Story (exec. prod, only)

1994The Flintstones (exec, prod, only)

1995 Balto (exec. prod, only)

1995 Casper (exec. prod, only)

1996 Twister (exec. prod, only) 1997Amistad (also prod.)

1997 The Lost World:

Jurassic Park

1997 Men in Black (exec. prod, only)

1998 Deep Impact (exec, prod, only)

1998 The MaskofZorro (exec. prod, only)

1998 Saving Private Ryan (also prod.)

2001 A.I. Artificial Intelligence (alsocoscr., prod.)

2001 Jurassic Park III (exec. prod, only)

2002 Catch Me IfYou Can (also prod.)

2002 Men in Black II (exec. prod, only)

2002 Minority Report


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