Stimulation Your Skin Doesn’t Need

When it’s a matter of skin beauty, any overstimulation is bad. Except, perhaps, the sexual sort, for the sexual flush is real, medical fact, not phallic fantasy, and it works its wonders in getting the vitamin-filled blood up to the surface where it looks beautiful. We all know that blushing is good for the skin. So is the sexual flush. So is sex, and I’ll say it often.

But other unnatural stimulants, such as too much coffee, too many cigarettes, and too much booze taken with too little sleep and too much tension, are wrinkle-making skin-wreckers that you neither need nor want. Your own vitamin-earned vitality should be stimulant enough for you.

The coffee can put your blood sugar down to sub-healthy, where it can wreak havoc with all of you. The cigarettes can eat up the vitamin C you must have for beautiful healthy skin. And the booze? Maybe it’s because I gave it up entirely, but I’ll keep hammering home the

fact in every chapter of this beauty blog: Booze is bad. For your shape, for your hair, for your skin, for you. A beautiful boozer is still a dream (and a bad one at that). So if you want your skin to be oiled from the inside, manufacturing its own perfect moisturizers, then don’t you get oiled. Alcohol is drying, both inside and outside of you. Unless you want to shrivel up your skin, stay off the juice.

Source: Sily Smooth Soak For Bath

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