Street Style Fashion

When 24 year old designer Icarius received a phone cali at his home in S o Paolo, Brazil, informing him that he was a finalist in an interna tional design competition based in Italy, he quickly discovered that the nomination was only the beginning of his odyssey. The designer missed his direct flight to Milan and instead had to take a train to Rio de Janeiro to catch a plane to London, then another to Zürich.

Then he rented a car to drive to Milan, where he arrived by the skin of his teeth for a press conference being staged by the award sponsor, the German viscose filament yarn manufacturer Enka. The other finalists, Zac Posen of the U.S., Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag of Germany, Ichiro Seta from Japan and Studio Rohka from Italy, had less trouble with the com mute, but they’ll ali have to do it again in September, when Enka will sponsor shows for each designer, which will then be judged by a com mittee that includes Donna Karan, “&hji ^amamoto, Peter Lindbergh and Milla Jovovich, who will pose for the winner’s ad campaign.

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