Street Style Milan Fashion Week Spring 2014

The collection is made from oak or stained walnut and inlaid with wenge, holly, sycamore and walnut. Wlıile Linley designs the objects and furniture in the studios above the Pimlico Road store, production takes place in small work shops around the country.

“It’s important to offer my clients a made in England product,” Linley said. His next projects for Burberry include two more tables: one for the Barcelona store, which opens in August, and one for the Ne w York flagship, which opens in October.

Tartar Sauce
In the summer of 1961, Rudolf Nureyev ditched his troupe, the Kirov Ballet, in the middle of a Raris airport, kicking off his career as an international heart breaker. Pubescent fans mooned över the Tartar pinup boy like he was a fifth Beatle as he danced his way across the VCfest. want Rudi,” they cried outside New “fork’s Metropolitan Opera House, “preferably in the nudi!” And journalists were anything but immune to his charms. “”tbu have the feeling you’re look ing at a prince in an ancient fairy tale who has come out of the forest and to life,” Women’s Wear Daily, W1 s sister publication, reported in 1967.

Good looks aside, Rudi was no angel. Despite his vigorous performance schedule, he was a fixture on the party circuit and could turn into an unruly guest. He even got himself hauled into a San Francisco poliçe station when he was caught at a pot party in the Haight Ashbury section of San Francisco. Nureyev’s mercurial side showed in Paris as he prepared for his directorial debut there in 1974, stamping his feet in a rage during one rehearsal. “Turkey ass,” he yelled, watching the corps de ballet. “They look like a bunch of turkeys! I want every one of those tutuş taken in by tomorrow morning.”

Street Style Milan Fashion Week Spring 2014

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