Street Style Photos New York Fashion Week Fall 2014

She had a Pur “Nothing high style, everything provincial, lots of aged and wom wood, rush seats…” says Jason

Preston, a young Sotheby’s furniture and decorative arts specialist, picking his way through the cavemous ware
house at a top secret address in Harlem. There is a William and Mary serving table (est: 1,200 1,800) as well as two 1 copies of it (est: $3 5,000) that she commissioned from a Mr Margolis of Hartford.

It’s typical that Hepburn would continue to patronise a local craftsman like Mr Margolis dovm through the decades, when she could afford whatever she wanted. Loyalty: another Yankee virtue. Barbara Maynard, an old chum who was also an Old Saybrook First Selectwoman, told reporters when Hepburn and I suppose an angular persoııa 1 ity”
itanical aversion to frippery or ostentation, an abhorrence of wilful waste.

The Saybrook Colony was founded by the English in 1635.

It is a town of shingled saltbox houses and Greek revival churches. Her furniture was very Wasp: most pieces are primitive English or American. There are lots of spindly Windsor chairs with spoked hoop or comb backs.
died that she was such a good friend to the town that she’d once bought it a fire truck.

“I will not accept excuses and I will never give one,” Hepburn told the movie critic Rex Reed. “You’re either on time or you’re late. You either remember your lines or you don’t. You either pay your bills or you go to jail. I’m sick and tired of a whole generat ion of kids who.

Street Style Photos New York Fashion Week Fall 2014

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