You’ll need: Craft knife, warm water, washing-up liquid, sponge, wide scraper

1 Dress up drawers by painting the fronts in a run of colour. Thanks to blogger Christine Kjellby from M¸belP¸bel for the inspiration! Tip: Use sample tins they cost less and have all the paint you need.

2 To prep the wood before painting, use a universal primer and for added interest, leave some areas unpainted.

3 Using sample pots of paints, paint different surfaces in a variety of bold colours.

4 PROBLEM: My bedsidetable drawer is always such a mess.’

5 SOLUTION: Line the drawer with a cutlery tray or a craft-bead box. Now sort your stuff into accessible slots.

6 With the craft knife, make shallow crisscross cuts on the wallpaper. Take care not to nick the plaster underneath.

7 Working from the bottom of the wall, soften scored paper with a soapy sponge; leave for five minutes.

8 Slide scraper under the edge of the paper to see if it’s ready to strip. If not, wet paper again and leave for five more minutes.

9 Scrape at a 30° angle. If the paper tears, wet it again and start over.

10 Clean up glue residue with soapy water. Allow wall to dry for two days before repapering or painting.

11 Source a pallet from your local dump or buy one new from.

12 Paint in the colour of your choice and add castors (available from Builders Warehouse).

13 Baggy-in-theknee or too-tight, never-worn jeans have a habit of multiplying. Pare your denim collection down to the ones that look and feel just right.

14 Bras and panties past their sell-by dates? Begone! That goes for tights with holes too.

15 That old bag that you meant to have fixed a year ago and still haven’t? Say goodbye to it and any shoes you haven’t got round to wearing for two seasons.

16 Those highmaintenance items that you never wear because of the care they need? Sell them or donate to a charity like.

17 This slimline coat stand is ideal for keeping your entrance floor clear of coats, hats and bags.

18 Get different-coloured dump’ containers for your family so that their stuff stays in one place and is easy to find.

19 The front door is a high-traffic zone, which is why this Inside Outside washable and waterproof runner is an excellent bet.

20 Dirt stays outside with this cute doormat.

21 No space for a coat rack? Hooks on the wall or behind the door are ideal.

22 Line with wallpaper and add interior hooks. (Screw-in cup hooks are ideal.)

23 Attach a short piece of chain to the back to hang the tray on a hook. Hang vertically on a wall.

24 The Umbra Corner Can is a bin designed for small spaces. It slots perfectly into any corner.

26 The kitchen corner cupboard is usually a black hole, but not with this handy caddy.

27 Save space with these stackable Clip & Store containers.

28 This handy EKO bag holder is easy to mount.

29 PROBLEM: My bathroom feels blah.

30 SOLUTION: A feature wall using wallpaper, tiles or paint, and a smart fl oating vanity with plenty of storage space is an immediate improvement. Tip: Marble creates a sense of luxury.

You’ll need: Screwdriver, tape measure, dustsheets, new door handles, hinges, fine- and mediumgrade sandpaper, cloth, paintbrush, universal primer, paint

31 Remove cabinet doors, drawers, hinges and handles. Check that any new handles will fit the doors.

32 Sand front and edges of doors and drawers plus the sides of cabinets using medium-grade sandpaper and wipe off the dust.

33 Paint with two coats of the primer.

34 Sand with fine-grade sandpaper and wipe off the dust.

35 Apply enamel paint using a sponge roller to prevent streaks. 36 Once dry, replace doors and drawers, hinges and handles.

Tip: Label back of cupboard doors according to where they belong before removing them.

39 Ideally you should have at least three light sources per room, allowing you to alter the ambience as you like.

40 Highlight somewhere unexpected to create visual interest, for example illuminate a corner table.

41 Create an inviting corner in your bedroom by placing a floor lamp next to an armchair.

42 Brighten up a boring corner by painting an oversized shape on the wall and coordinating with a cheeky detail on a nearby chair. (Or try the table legs.)


You’ll need: Toothbrush, washing-up liquid, grout paste, vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, mould/mildew remover, bleach, craft knife

43 Clean area with toothbrush and soap. If the dirt is stubborn, try a paste of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.

44 To remove mould, use mould remover or a solution of 1:8 bleach and water.

45 Starting at the top of a vertical joint, gently slide knife down centre of grout line. Work to a depth of 3mm. Repeat for horizontal lines.

46 Remove dust and debris from joints. Mix new grout paste and apply according to directions.

47 Allow to dry, then apply grout sealant and waterproof silicone sealant.

48 Make sense of the chaos in your smalls or scarf drawer with this organiser.

49 Sort your dressing table once and for all with a plastic cosmetics tidy.

50 Baskets are the answer to virtually every clutter dilemma. R195, Weylandts

51 Store seasonal clothes and shoes in an 80 „“ clear, stackable crate.

52 A multi-garment hanger is ideal for streamlining your wardrobe.

53 This wooden box is perfect for hiding remotes or for storing car keys and sunglasses.

54 PROBLEM: My fridge is such a mess.’

55 SOLUTION: Use a lazy Susan for all your condiments, store cheeses in a separate clear container and chop veg in advance and store in containers for easy access when cooking or prepping lunchboxes

56 Transform old jars and vases into arty objects by holding them upside down in a tray of paint and upending to allow

57 If kitchen counter space is limited, use a pretty shower caddy to store spices, potted herbs or oils and vinegars.

58 Canvas totes on hooks on the back of bedroom doors help clear kids’ bedroom floors of toys.

59 Line open shelves with labelled boxes or fabric bins. It’s then easy to identify what’s in them and easy for those who have to put things into them.

60 If bedroom space is limited, try storing things like scarves, hats and bags in a bureau with a mirror at the front door. To ensure you’re suitably accessorised for the day, peek in the mirror before you leave home.

61 If hoarding is a family trait, give each member a memory box to fill and edit throughout the year. Whatever doesn’t make the cut must get chucked. the paint to drip and dry.

62 Use masking tape to protect your floor and walls, and the areas that you don’t want painted.

63 Apply a latex-based formula, which will

64 Pothos A great starter plant that thrives when perched on something tall like a bookshelf.

65 Corn Plant This belongs in a corner since it can grow to 1,8m tall and tolerates low light. It’s great for adding drama.

66 Jade This succulent grows fast and looks good on its own or in a cluster with other succulents.

67 Prayer Plant A striking plant that looks great on a table top.

68 African Violet A pretty addition to a spot that needs a little life.

69 Snake Plant This tough survivor is perfect if you’re likely

70 PROBLEM: Our living room feels cramped. How do I create a feeling of space?’

71 SOLUTION: Go light by painting some of the furniture or the walls (or both), by reupholstering or by adding ambient light sources. Hang mirrors to bounce light around the space and pare down your furniture to just a few key pieces.
You’ll need: Dustsheets, screwdriver, paintbrush, paint stripper, scraper, rags, turpentine, toothbrush

72 Set furniture on top of dustsheets and remove any screws or hinges with a screwdriver.

73 Paint a thick layer of paint stripper onto the piece and leave for 5 to 10 minutes to loosen the paint.

74 Use a scraper to remove bubbled paint and use a toothbrush to get into any tricky corners. Repeat if paint is stubborn.

75 Wipe down the piece with turpentine and rags to remove the last traces of paint and replace the screws and hinges

76 Pegboards are perfect for sorting and tidying everything from tools to jewelle

77 This bright ladder shelf is a beauty and a great addition to a home office, playroom or kids’ room

78 Whether you use it in the bathroom, kitchen or living room, this IKEA mobile trolley is so useful.

79 Store extra clothes and accessories in this drawer unit.

80 Stash everything from magazines to blankets in this nifty box on wheels.

81 Modernise old kitchen stools with a fresh dip in a bright new hue. Paint colours from the Plascon Connect collection

82 If a complete kitchencupboard overhaul is not an option, why not paint the interiors in a zingy colour?

83 Use matt enamel for a hard-wearing, wipe-clean finish.

84 The how-tos on these pages are all from Sarah Beeny’s 100 DIY Jobs (Quadrille Publishing) an essential bible of DIY projects, big and small, from fi xing squeaky fl oorboards to fi tting laminate fl oors

85 What to do with extra loo rolls, towels or magazines? Chuck them in a belly basket!

86 Pop this tiered shelf organiser into your pantry or fridge and you won’t lose your spices and condiments.

87 This day-by-day hanging organiser is ideal for a busy family on the go.

88 No space for a stand in your entrance hall? This shelf is a stylish option.

89 Keep earrings and other trinkets in an ice tray in a dressing-table drawer.

90 Turn your holiday pics into a striking collage by printing them via a site like Now glue them onto a canvas and mount on a wall.

91 Work with what you have. Strip all shelves and tabletops of your collectables Budget-friendly refreshers and start again with them in new spots.

92 Replace drawer and door handles in your kitchen and bedroom.

93 Give your front door a glossy new paint colour.

94 Move your art around.

95 Change or repaint your planters FIX A SQUEAKY DOOR You’ll need: Warm, soapy water, soft cloth, aerosol lubricant, pliers, steel wool

96 Work out where the squeak is coming from, then spray lubricant onto the area.

97 Open and close the door a few times to allow the lubricant to work its way through.

98 Wipe away excess lubricant with warm water.

99 If hinges are still squeaking, use pliers to remove the hinge pin, wipe with steel wool, rub with soap and replace.

100 PROBLEM: I can’t aff ord a new couch, but mine is looking really dated.’

101 SOLUTION: Throws and cushions are your friends we love MRP Home’s amazing seasonal ranges of aff ordable options (like this cushion for R99). Also, think about restuffi ng your cushions it can make a tired couch look like new.


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