Styles of HollyWood Stars 2015

That doesn’t sound very HollyWood…

‘I grew up in Hollywood, so l’m not bloWn away by seeing celebrities every day. When I Wasyounger, it was fun trying to get into exclusive clubs. Now l’m invited there officially, there’s no fun. I stili go to certain movie premieres it’s like a free ticket!

Don’t you ever get freaked out when you see celebrities then?
‘Well, if I saWJohnny Depp I might go a bit Weird. I love him. And I love Sandra Bullock.’ You look a bit like a cross betWeen her and Catherine Zeta Jones!

‘Really? I think Uma Thurman is amazing, too. I love the films she does.They’re alWays a bit “out there”. I like that.

Do you think you’ll get sucked into the Whole celeb thing?
‘No, not really. You never know, but at the moment l’m not interested in the shoWy stuff. l’m just glad l’ve got a job!’

Do you hang out with the rest of the cast from The O.C.?
‘Yeah. But not with the young ones like you might think. This summer we had a huge O.C. party at Peter Gallagher’s house he plays Seth’s dad, Sandy. We spent days there, playing games, singing songs, making dinner. We ali bonded.’ Who was there? ‘Me, Adam, Peter, Tate Donovan [Jimmy Cooper], Kelly [Kirsten Cohen]…’

Not Mischa? Are you two friends? ‘No, she Wasn’t there. We’re friends. Not best friends, but we work together, so we have to get on.’

She once said you were more overtly sexual than her. How does that feel?

‘We’re different shapes, l’m sure that’s what she meant. I have a bum and I have boobs.’ But you’re tiny. Do you diet?

‘Not really.Today I had a muffin.then chiçken salad, and now I am eating loads of these sWeets and then l’m going out for dinner.’

Styles of HollyWood Stars 2015

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