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You can now glory in all the glamour of a month-in-the-Med tan without any of the subsequent dangers caused by roasting yourself in the sun. Today’s fake tans are more realistic than ever before – they are non-streak, non-smelly and they fade evenly. For the best results, follow these application tips:

1 First, exfoliate well to make sure you have a smooth body surface. (A salon treatment will deal with those hard-to-reach places.) Ifyou preferto do it yourself, a body mitt is a good alternative to a body scrub, but should never be used on the face. Alternatively, there are umpteen exfoliating creams and foams on the market, all of which smell delicious and add a little luxury to the treatment. For a totally smooth canvas, exfoliate at least twice before applying your fake tan.

2 Make sure your skin is squeaky clean and truly dry to prevent the tan trickling down your legs and on to the bathroom floor.

3 Choose the correct colour and texture for you. There are now gels, sprays, mousses and lotions to suit every skin type and colour. Be sure to rub the tan in evenly, and to guarantee a non-streak finish, wait ten minutes before getting dressed.

4 Pay particular attention to bony places – knees, elbows and noses are sure telltale areas if you do not rub the product in properly. Mix your tan with a moisturizer before applying ittoyourface-this willtone it down and helpgive an even application.

5 Wash your hands when you have finished to avoid being left with orange palms.

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