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The tennis world never expected the No. 1 ranked, the greatest of all time, champion of our generation for the last two decades to be a Black woman from Compton, but she is. Her name is Serena Williams and she’s still serving at 128 mph. ennis experts and commentators marveled at how Serena Williams kept coming back from behind so many times to ultimately win. In 2015, during her second Serena Slam, where she won four consecutive Grand Slam titles: 2014 US Open, 2015 Australian Open, 2015 French Open and 2015 Wimbledon, we watched her down and out during many of her matches’ second sets. Almost exposing a glimpse into her vulnerability. But then, with that knowing glint in her eye, signaling a changing tideshe does it. She magically masters her game to match her opponent’s. The power serve explodes on the court. Returns are smacked at rocket speeds. She twists, spins and slides into full splits on the court with the nimbleness of a gymnast in her scramble for the ball. Finally, the triumphant fist pump rises. And her dark brown eyes narrow and close, almost in prayer-like relief for the win. That’s why when she suffered that shocking loss against Roberta Vinci at the 2015 US Open semifinals on September 11, 2015, the collective echo of a million gasps could be heard around the world. Serena Jameka Williams is such a goddess, a perfect embodiment of strength, unapologetic Black womanhood and athletic greatness, that fans were spoiled by her last year flood of 53 wins and only three losses. Three.

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