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Basic and Beautiful B

The B vitamins are so basic, I can’t imagine anyone with beautiful expectations going without them. They are the beauty vitamins! They make your hair shining and thick, your skin flawless and luminous, your nails healthy and hard. And they’re the calming vitamins the ones that tame the beauty-killers, strain and stress.

But they’re a complex little crowd, and that’s just how they ought to be downed. As a complex. For, just like love and marriage used to be, you can’t (shouldn’t) have one without the other. You see, the beautiful B’s work together so beautifully (to beautify you) that if you take too much of one, you can cause a severe deficiency of another. (Therefore, beware of doctors bearing hypodermics filled with B-12, for example. Unless you want to louse up your complex!)

There’s just no dosing about with the beautiful B’s. Leave that to the experts. Here’s the B-gospel according to Adelle Davis: If your tablet contains two milligrams of B-l, it should contain equal amounts of B-2, B-6, and folic acid; ten times more pantothenic acid and niacin (making twenty milligrams of these): twenty times more PABA, or forty milligrams; 500 times more inositol and choline or 1,000 milligrams of each of these B’s. And (surprise, surprise) you only need 1 to 3 tra’crograms of B-12. Some proportions. Check your own B-complex vitamin and see if it’s anything like that!

indirSadly, some of the B vitamins some of the rarer ones like B-6, are expensive. While I hate to say it, vitamin manufacturers are out to make a profit, just like everyone else. So what are they going to leave out? The expensive stuff, naturally. B-6 is one that’s often missing from that B-complex label. We know what B-6 does for your shape, so shape up and fill in with B-6 if it’s missing. As for choline and inositol, they’re almost never found in a complex capsule, but we know they’re found in lecithin. That’s a good enough reason for taking it every day.

Brewer’s yeast is one of the very best natural sources of the beautiful B’s. I know beautiful creatures who live on it. And grow more beautiful all the while. If you can get it down, then by all means do it. Wrap it in orange juice, or milk, or dream up some marvelous blender concoction. And think, all the while, about B’s and beauty.

But he very careful not to confuse brewer’s yeast with live baker’s yeast which is dangerous. In fact, to be on the safe side, just get that brewer’s yeast at your health-food store where they’re not likely to misguide you. (And while you’re getting those B vitamins, you’ll also be getting powerful protein. Brewer’s yeast has protein comparable to that of meat and milk.) And, by the way, if your tummy begins to growl on brewer’s yeast it just means you really need it, so carry on, and take that cider vinegar brew all the while.

Another natural source of the B vitamins is desiccated liver one of my favorite beauty-makers. Here again, you’re not only getting protein, you’re getting all of the B vitamins as well. From a food source. And as easy to swallow as that little liver pill!

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