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“I GREW UP IN A SURFING FAMILY, with my dad, brothers and occasionally my sister surfing together on weekends. Each year for a month or two my mum and dad would take us to Bali and we’d spend all our time on a little island called Nusa Lembongan. My parents owned a surf charter boat, which ran throughout Lombok and the Gili Islands, and it saw me clock up some surfing mileage on reef breaks. I started my own surf school in year 12, operating it for five years while I studied psychology at university. After having some time off and raising my three children I dabbled in creative industries, which has always been a passion of mine.

I designed and imported homewares, jewellery and fashion from Nusa Lembongan to sell back home in my Nusa Indah boutique. About three years ago, I sought out a craftsman to create a surfboard I had envisaged, featuring a hand-block batik textile from Indonesia. For certain reasons in my life I’ve been out of the water – either I’ve had a baby or I was studying for exams – and instead of having an old, scummy surfboard that I would stick in the corner, I thought it would be really nice to have a piece of art that can sit there and look good as well as serve its purpose. It was a really beautiful board and a lot of people started asking if I could have one made for them – and I thought it was a product I could add to my range. I wanted to create a board that was both functional and aesthetically pleasing, focusing on the female surfer.

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I liaise with clients in designing the perfect one for them – we talk shape, colour and layout, as well as frequency of surfing, conditions and ability. I have a team of Aussie craftsmen who hand shape each board to the specifications. It’s a real process to have one made. It’s interesting that the boards have taken off in the interior world as that’s where I started, doing products for style and home décor. They’ve given me the opportunity to combine my two loves: surfing and design. In the future I might have some boards that are readily available to purchase for beginner and intermediate surfers. The other thing I’m excited about is the prospect of collaborating with artists. At the moment all the designs are textiles that I’ve sourced in Indonesia, but my goal is to create my own designs combining my love for textiles, art and fashion. I really believe in the quality of the equipment and seeing a performance surfer on my boards would make me really happy – but I’m just excited to see the boards I’ve designed in the water. They’re for anyone with the passion and adventurous spirit required to try their hand at surfing.

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