Swash London Fall Winter 2015-2015 Collection

Witness? To what? The man told you where the body was to be found. Listen, honey. Hairstyle I think Im going to Try on Pinterest In my job, I know where lots of skeletons are buried. But the prosecution are going to call you tomorrow. Nick insisted. They can call all they like. That doesn’t mean I’m going to come.

Swash London Fall/Winter 2015-2015 Collection

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One final word on skin, and that is “humor.” Have a little. Laugh a lot. For, as I told you, all of your thoughts are going to be perfectly visible right there on your face, and it would be better for us both if those thoughts were beautiful. And women who are afraid to laugh for fear of “laugh-lines” miss a lot of what a happy life is all about.

I am all for cosmetic surgery if you need it, because I believe that a woman (or man, for that matter) should do everything she can to make herself as attractive as possible. I am hoping that, if you follow the nutritional and other regimens we are giving you, you won’t need surgery. And I am also hoping that you will not try to look twenty when you’re eighty. But if you’ve fried your skin to a not-so-fine turn with unwise suntanning, for example, and you really do need surgical help, then you should have it for sure. As long as you check and check, to be sure you have a competent doctor who isn’t going to make an unreal-looking mask out of your face.

I will never forget my own experience with a very famous plastic surgeon in New York. I went to check with him about having my nose straightened. For you see, I wasn’t beautiful-bone-born, and I keep considering doing something about it. So far, I just haven’t had the necessary nerve. But since I had been asked to pay $25 at the door, just to see this famous doctor, I decided to get my money’s worth. And so I asked him what I could do about frown lines. And his reply was that he would simply inject me with silicone so that I couldn’t frown. And my reply was, “Suppose I feel mean and want to frown?” At which point, he got reasonably huffy and made it clear I wasn’t his idea of the ideal patient. Let me tell you, he most certainly wasn’t my idea of the ideal famous plastic surgeon. I had already concluded that any doctor who would so blithely consider silicone injections wasn’t the doctor for me.

So if a plastic surgeon, however famous, comes on like that, take lots of time to consider and discuss it with your general physician. I told my own this story and he almost had a fit! It took a bit of calming him down to assure him I had no intentions of siliconing it. Just remember: Humor, above all things, is going to light up your face and your life, in a way that no cosmetics can. If you’re a frozen-faced, surgically sutured beauty, that’s not natural. And, in my beauty blog, it’s not beautiful.

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