Calories are fuel for the body the same as gas is for the automobile. Also, calories are required to keep the body temperature normal. Active dogs need more calories than pet dogs who cat nap all day. The dog’s temperament affects his caloric requirements; a high strung dog requires more calories than a placid, easygoing animal. More calories are required in cold weather. During gestation and lactation the bitch needs more calories. Growing puppies require about twice as many calories as adult dogs.




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Not just a guitarist in a band but a formidable artist in his own right

Maverick magazine was the first national publication on the planet to feature Leeds alt. folk band The Dunwells. Brought to my attention in 2011 by a mate, I spent a day in their rehearsal studio for an exclusive photo =shoot and interview for Maverick. Their debut album BLIND SIGHTED FAITH was fabulous. Live at the Dot To Dot festival in Nottingham, they were stunning. Since then, The Dunwells have shot to fame in the USA.

Dave Hanson, The Dunwells’ talented lead guitarist, recently left to tread a solo career path. His BLIND FAITH EP is the first fruit from his solo tree; a very pleasing introduction to what Mr H is capable of, stepping out of the shadows of his former band.

He plays guitar, bass and percussion and sings lead vocals here and creates a laid-back, mellow sound inspired by his love of JJ Cale, Mark Knopfler, George Harrison and the Black Keys. Pretty and bluesy but not aiming to be retro; it definitely has modern day relevance.

This is not a guitar fest’ either; opting for subtle brush strokes rather than lashings of solos. Joanna stands out for me as the song clearly displays Hanson’s song-writing craft. Former colleagues David and Joseph Dunwell guest on backing vocals on this fine cut. Blind Faith, Island Sky and Let It Go also have something goin’ on. The album was Produced by Dave and his drummer Dan Woodward, mixed by U2/Pearl Jam/ David Bowie famed Tim Palmer.

Dave Hanson is evolving from being a guitarist in a band to re-birth as a formidable songwriter, decent singer and a creative artist in his own right. Bring on the full album. Simon Redley


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