AQUARIUS Five of Swords Jan 21 – Feb 19 This month, Aquarius, life is going to present some unexpected plot twists for you. You may find some of your plans go awry, however this is all happening for a reason. If you go with the change of events, rather than resisting them, you may find you end up in an even better place than for yourself than you imagined.

Remember, nothing is against you, everything is working for you. Be reassured that you can handle anything that comes your way. Not all who wander are lost, and as you take a few steps off the beaten track, you may discover some very exciting treasure in the form of new relationships. Everything is coming together and it’s going to be better your wildest dreams.

SAGITTARIUS Ace of Pentacles Nov 23 – Dec 21 Sag, this is your month to shine. You’ve put in so much hard work this past year and some of those changes were challenging. However, now you get to relax and reap the rewards of all your efforts. The big message here is to enjoy it.

Don’t create drama just because you’ve been used to a struggle in the past. You no longer need an adrenaline rush from fighting your corner – you can embrace a different kind of buzz that comes from contentment, love, success and exciting new adventures. You are able to create whatever you desire this month and it will be effortless, so just know precisely what you want and then watch the magic happen.


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