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The last time I saw Jay Mclnerney, he did not look too happy. This was in the early Nineties. Mclnerney had just given New York a spectacular send-off with his novel Brightness Falls and settled down with his new wife, Tennessee socialite Helen Bransford, in a palatial country ranch near Nashville, complete with antler chandeliers. “Nashville is a very cosmopolitan place,” he insisted, but seemed rather forlorn and out of place. He fussed over the hair Helen’s six cats had left on his Porsche, and seemed a little crestfallen when I couldn’t stay and go out on the town with him. But he offered to drive me back into the city and then got endearingly lost. I ended up catching the bus. The country life didn’t seem to have taken.
It’s just over a decade later, and he seems a lot happier when we meet at The Odeon on West Broadway. Back in New York, having recovered from their divorce in 2000, and with a new novel his first in six years ready for publication, he is brimming with boyish high spirits. “When I moved to Tennessee with Helen I was kind of burnt out on being Mr New York,” he says. “There came a point where the party seemed to exhaust itself. The sun was coming up and there were broken beer bottles on the floor. But I have to admit that I eventually missed New York. I felt like I had tried to become the country squire and failed. I just didn’t feel that it was me. Maybe I’m spoiled. I’m like the dog that gets into the hen house and gets a taste of blood and can never quite go back to dog chow. I feel this is where my heart and soul is.”

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