Thank you for your article on Paris Hilton

Thank you for your article on Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Jason Shaw (“Paris Mon Amour,” April). I haven’t laughed like that in ages.

Victoria Cowhey Beesleys Point, N.J.

My dear Countess, how do I esteem thee? Let me count the ways. you are one of the reasons I have a subscription to such a smart publication and the reason I always start W from the last steps of Sacred Heart alumna Grace Kelly Okay, none of this is really true. But I would like t( comment on the article that put the burden of these awkward stereotypes on me and my Sacred Heart schoolmates.

When I first read “Social Studies” (February! I laughed at the picture painted by Robert Haskell. But Haskell has exaggerated some of th< less scholarly pursuits of New york City private school students. Sure, kids this age can sometime: be superficial hitting the clubs on weekends anc sharing the details of their love lives with the sales women at Prada. But do Spence and Chapin girls really place so much emphasis on designer hand bags? I don’t think so. Though Sacred Heart was spared the harsh attacks heaped on Dalton and Spence, its stuequıvaienis Xfood never would have openly used an obscenity and would have dressed better for a photo shoot. [gallery ids="3882,3883,3884,3885,3886,3887,3888,3889,3890,3891,3892,3893,3894,3895,3896,3897,3898,3899,3900,3901,3902,3903,3904,3905,3906,3907,3908,3909,3910,3911,3912,3913,3914,3915,3917,3918,3919,3920,3921,3922,3923,3924,3925,3926,3927,3928,3930,3931,3932,3933,3934,3935,3936,3937,3938,3939,3940,3941"]

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